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From:  Maj. Scott Bell
Date: November 9, 2004
To: Preston and Abby

Hey Super Kids,

Hope you are both doing great! Daddy thought you might like to see a couple of videos I put  together for Veterans Day. I’m mighty proud of both of you and hope you know that you both are in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day. I appreciate the extra hugs & kisses you give Mommy for me and am looking forward to paying you both back with extra hugs, kisses, and tickles from me as soon as I get home. It won’t be long now. By the time you get this letter we will be down to about 10 weeks. Isn’t that great to be able to say weeks?!

I love you, Daddy

From:  Maj. Scott Bell
Date: June 23, 2004
To: Meredith 

Hey Babe,

Am standing in line at Starbucks, Camp DOHA right now looking forward to seeing you and the kids. I miss you all very much and am looking forward to every second I have with you all.

After we finished up our briefings including a third reunion brief around 2:30 in the morning I was able to hit the rack for about 4 hours before the jarhead Gunnery Sgt woke his Marines up for another head count in the bay next to us. Of course his large diaphragm carried his voice over to the Army side and we feared a riot would soon transpire. The Army’s love for the Corps has not deteriorated over the years, or I guess I should say, the love of fighting with Marines. Fortunately, up in Iraq we are to busy to fight each other.

Oh well, I rambling, but I wanted to take the time to write you a note and say I love you and am looking forward to the day we are home together for good…

Yours, Scotty

From:  Maj. Scott Bell
Date: February 9, 2005
To: Preston and Abby 

Hey Kids,

The war is over for Daddy. I’ll be home soon. I love you both very much. Thanks for taking care of Mommy for me.

Love, Daddy

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