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From: 1st Lt. David Thomas Hord
Date: May 26, 2003
Re. Mom - please forward this to Karen!

Back on the net baby -- just got connectivity thanks to the TACLAN -- only have 29 IP addresses for a pretty big area.  Am doing well but definitely not in anyway out of harms way.  I am not trying to concern you just want you to know that the news is full of it -- these people want us out of here.  We are in a banged up palace just in the Ar Ramadi area -- one of the palaces was hit 5 times and we are in the building beside it -- I will enclose some pics.

Hope you and MADI are doing well -- please don't be sad honey!!  I promise to email frequently now that we are back up -- I have been trying to call non-stop, every time I get a chance only to hear the switch being busy -- can't even begin to tell you how that affects morale.

Speaking of morale, the soldiers are doing well.  We have improvised showers and 3rd ACR is doing a good job in making some more happen.  We are making and will continue to make more latrines as the site is steadily improving.  Aafes and AT&T will be here in the next coming weeks and OH, I almost forgot, I got my first package from my MOM ----- YIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  I have real food and thank you Jesus and Mom, she sent some anti-fungus stuff for the feet which mine aren't doing too well.  I wash my clothes every week or two as we are running every other day runs to fill up the water buffalos with potable water.  People are washing their clothes in the Euphrates which is full of Ecoli and other harmful stuff -- I am not going to do it just for the convenience -- I will continue to do the right but hard thing by washing my clothes the right way.

Please tell everyone I said a big HI and that I can't wait to email each and everyone of them more tomorrow.  I love, love, love you and will write more tomorrow!!!

Big hugs and kisses to our little girl and rub your tummy for Daddy letting little one know that I love her too! :)

Love you honey and talk to you more tomorrow-

Love, Your hubby

From: 1st Lt. David Thomas Hord 
Date: May 12, 2003 
Re:  sent to kar 

Happy Mommy's Day to you Mom!
I just sent one to Kar -- thanks.  As for the river water in the Euphrates, it has tested for ecoli and we are taking malaria pills as the mosquitos do have the strain.  Hopefully, the army and the docs will continue to take good care of us -- no one has gotten sick, etc. to date that I am aware of.  The docs are saying that the water is safe to wash clothes in but I am staying out of it.

As for what I need, Mom please don't hurt yourself at the bank -- I am desperate in the following areas: soap (personal/clothes) and deodorant -- as for the other stuff -- it's awesome to have but I can make it without it.  We had our first hot meal last night and will have a hot dinner meal every night as long as everything continues to go well with the supply lines.  Our forces just made one of the last fights take place a couple of days ago with a 7000 soldier unit totally capitulating to the 3d ACR Commander.  3rd ACR was ready to absolutely blow through the enemy -- luckily the enemy's Commander is smarter than his boss (Saddam) and surrendered -- believe it or not, the way that he surrendered was to invite the 3rd ACR Commander to dinner and surrender at the table.  Kind of funny, huh?

Well let me let you go for now -- thank you for being active with Kar and Madi as I know she can always use the help -- when are you planning on visiting?

Love you Mom, Happy Mommy's Day, and I hope you have a GREAT day!
Hi to Mr. C-
Love, Your Son 

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