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For more than two centuries, South Carolinians have served their state and country when called to war. From 1776, when Sergeant William Jasper rescued a South Carolina flag atop the ramparts of Fort Moultrie from the cannon fire of British ships, to 1990, when SC Air National Guard F16A jets flew the first U.S. combat sorties over Iraq during Desert Storm, South Carolinians have shown remarkable sacrifice, dedication, and courage.

Preserving the individual stories of these men and women serving in defense of America, our values, and our ideals, becomes part of our state’s heritage.

That is why in 2003, the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum    launched Write from the Front (WFTF). The WFTF program collects and preserves emails, images, and other items from service members that record their daily life, experiences, and thoughts during the current conflicts. WFTF ensures that the stories of South Carolina soldiers currently serving, and the stories of their families, are saved for future generations.

This website is dedicated to exhibiting contributions to the WFTF program. Use the website to view service member photographs, read about soldiers’ experiences and perspectives from actual email excerpts, post thoughts and experiences and interact with others...and find out how YOU can contribute to this valuable program and become part of history!     


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