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Brotherly Love: Phillip Marcotte and Robert Marcotte

Robert and Phillip Marcotte are brothers from Columbia.  These siblings have something very unique in common – they are both stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf. 

Both brothers attended the same high school in South Carolina, Spring Valley High School, and graduated within one year of each other (Robert in May 1998 and Phillip in May 1999).  Phillip joined the Navy in October 1999.  His brother attended Midlands Technical College for two years and then worked at Ambac International for about a year before enlisting in October 2001. 

Despite the time between their enlistments, the brothers even work in the same department, Engineering, both as machinists.  In Phillip’s words, as Machinery Repairmen, they “support the mission by manufacturing and repairing shipboard and airwing systems.”  He states that “I’ve done a few mission critical repairs on this deployment and I’m proud to keep this great war ship on schedule in my own little effort.”

Brothers Phillip and Robert Marcotte on the USS Abraham Lincoln
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