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From: Lt. Col. David O'Neal  
Date: March 20, 2003  
Subj:  fine  

Not sure if email is getting out, but everyone here is fine. It's now 6:50 am Eastern Time. 3 missiles fired at us, all 3 destroyed. Also, a small  plane crashed in the Marine area. Watching it all on TV like everyone else, except we are constantly in our masks and chemical suits.

From: Lt. Col. David O'Neal 
Date: March 18, 2003 
Subj: writing is on the wall 

...I'll be home soon. Don't worry about me, I'm surrounded by 21 Generals and the Army really hates to lose a General! I'm surrounded by a whole Infantry Battalion of South Carolina boys too...

From: Lt. Col. David O'Neal 
Date: April 3, 2003 
Subj: Thursday

We're all still on Cloud 9 about our day yesterday. We took out one of Saddam's "elite" divisions and took -0- causalities ourselves. The Marines rendered another division "combat ineffective" also. That's all in one day - the same day we rescued our 19 year old Prisoner of War. Bet she'll see a movie in her future, probably portrayed by one of hollywood's war protesters!

Today we're in Baghdad. We're standing by in full chemical gear except mask. That mask can go on in 9 seconds.

...Been living off Girl Scout cookies the last few days. A Troop in Plano Texas sent two cases. After sending the Troop a thank you email I got a reply that said they shipped 100 cases! Holy Cow! I guess my new additional duty is cookie distributor for the theater. That is a job I will enjoy. What a thoughful thing to do. Next time the Girl Scouts come around buy an extra case.

Better get back to work. I've been getting lot's of emails from your (our) friends. Great to get the emails. I'll make sure to answer each one before I turn in at night.

Love and miss you. Let's eat at every restaurant in Charlotte when I get back! Just please, no rice!

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